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Mr. Rosen is a Xilinx XPERTs partner, for more details see: Xilinx XPERTS Program.


Mr. Rosen has extensive experience as an architect and designer of complex systems including mini-computers, super-computers, video systems and networking systems. Mr. Rosen has designed FPGAs and ASICs using both Verilog and VHDL. In addition Mr. Rosen has significant software development experience using C, assembly language and microcode.


  1. ASIC and FPGA Design (Verilog or VHDL)
  2. Hardware Architecture

  1. Project History
  2. Technology Background
  3. Employment History
  4. Education
  5. Patents

Project History 




Data Acquisition for Power System Test Equipment

Doble Engineering

Spartan 3

InfiniBand Link Layer Core


Xilinx Virtex2P/ASIC

Xilinx Virtex2 Test Patterns

Mentor Graphics

Xilinx Virtex2

SKYChannel to FPDP Bridge

Sky Computers

Xilinx Virtex2

OC48 SONET Alignment Processor

Agere Systems

Altera Stratix

Xilinx Spartan 2 Test Patterns


Xilinx Spartan 2

InfiniBand Parallel Processor

Sky Computers

 Off the shelf HCAs and Switches

InfiniBand To Sky Channel Bridge

Sky Computers


LANShare Media Server System

Avid Technology

 Off the shelf boards

SDRAM Unit for low power DSP chip

Chipwrights Inc


SGEN FPGA for a Router

Unisphere Networks

 Xilinx Virtex

Queue Management Unit for the CPORT Distributed Communication Processor

CPort Corp


ADSL ASIC Emulator

Aware, Inc.

Xilinx 4062xl

PCI to Slow PCI Bridge

IKOS Systems

Xilinx 4028xl

FPGA Test Patterns for ASIC Emulator

IKOS Systems

Xilinx 5200, 4013e, 4036xl and 4062xl,Virtex XCV800, Virtex XCV2000E

8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch


Xilinx 4000e and 4000ex

2 Port Fast Ethernet Switch


Xilinx 4000e

Peace of Mind End User Macintosh Diagnostic

Polybus Systems


Wavelet Based Video Compression Board

Avid Technology

DSPs, and Xilinx FPGAs

Broadcast Quality JPEG Video Compression Board

Avid Technology

PALs, CCube JPEG chip

JPEG Video Compression Board

Avid Technology

PALs, CCube JPEG chip

Data Compression Board for a High Resolution Scanner

Optronics Division of Intergraph

Xilinx 3000 Series

Elementary Function Library

Kendall Square Research


Floating Point Processor Chip

Kendall Square Research


uFX Mini Super Computer

Alliant Computer Systems


FX8 Mini Super Computer

Alliant Computer Systems

Gate Arrays

APU Super Mini Computer


PALs and TTL

MV8000 Super Mini Computer

Data General

PALs and TTL


Technology Background

Mr. Rosen has extensive experience designing ASICs and FPGAs with Verilog and VHDL. Experienced with NCVerlog, VCS, Finsim, Synopsys Design Compiler, and Synplify. In addition to his hardware skills, Mr. Rosen is proficient in C, assembly language and microcode

Employment History

Doble Engineering

Consultant Dec 2003, to Present

Developed a set of Spartan 3 FPGAs for use in power systems test equipment. The FPGAs captured data from multiple 100MHz AtoD converters and stored it in DDR RAM where it was accessible from an Motorola PPC over the PPCs local bus interface.

Unannounced (West Coast client)

IP development July 2003, to Present

Developed an InfiniBand Link Layer Core. The core implements the full link layer specified by the InfiniBand Architecture spec version 1.1. It operates at both 1X and 4X speeds, has very low latency and runs in a Viretex2P –5. The core is available for license from Polybus, http://www.polybus.com/ib_link_layer_website.

Mentor Graphics

Consultant Feb 2003, to Present

Developed a comprehensive set of  FPGA test patterns for the Xilinx XC2V6000 FPGA and integrated them in to the test suite for the Mentor’s ASIC emulator system. The test patterns are available for license from Polybus, http://www.polybus.com/xilinx_test_patterns/.

Agere Systems

Consultant Mar 2002, to November 2002

Developed an OC48 SONET alignment processor. The processor provides up to 250ms of delay compensation on each of  48 SONET tributaries and time aligns the channels into from one to 48 groups. The processor included a DDR interface and was implemented in a Altera Stratix FPGA.

Netezza, Framingham MA

IP development Aug 2002, to Nov 2002 (Spartan 2), 2003 (Spartan 2e 300), 2004 (Spartan 2e 400)

Developed a complete set of FPGA test patterns for the Xilinx Spartan 2 and 2e. The FPGA test patterns are available for license from Polybus, http://www.polybus.com/xilinx_test_patterns/.

Sky Computers, Chelmsford MA

Consultant Nov 2002, to Sept 2003

SKYChannel to FPDP bridge FPGA. The FPGA connects SKY Computer’s parallel processor interconnect system to a Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) bus.

Consultant June 2001 to Dec 2002

Wrote the architecture specification, defined the protocols and wrote the Verilog for an InfiniBand to Sky Channel bridge FPGA. The FPGA bridges the proprietary Sky Channel multiprocessor interconnect to InfiniBand.

Following the bridge project was responsible for defining the architecture of a pure InfiniBand based parallel processor using off the shelf HCAs and switches.

Chipwrights Inc, Newton MA

Consultant Jan 2001 to June 2001

Designed the memory subsystem for Chipwright's Video and Imaging DSP. The SDRAM unit is optimized for streaming data, performing prefetch and caching operations to insure a continuous stream of data to the vector unit.

Unisphere Networks, Westford MA

Consultant Jan 2000 to Jan 2001

FPGA Design for SGEN, SRM and XCM boards for Unisphere's core router.

CPort Corp., North Andover MA (now part of Motorola)

Consultant Jan 1999 to June 1999

ASIC design. Designed the queue management unit of the CPORT distributed communication processor.

Aware Inc., Bedford, MA

Consultant 1997 to Dec. 1998

Designed a PCI based Emulator for an ADSL ASIC. The emulator is a target mode PCI device based on 12 large Xilinx FPGAs. Wrote a partitioner which spreads the ASIC gates across the emulator.

IKOS Systems San Jose, CA

Consultant Feb. 1995 to Present

Wrote the fault isolation system for five generations of IKOS ASIC emulators. IKOS ASIC emulator utilize 300-400 large Xilinx FPGAs to emulate ASICs of up to 12 Million gates (VLE12M system released Dec 2000). My fault isolation software/verilog firmware identifies both interconnect failures (opens, shorts, bad drivers, bad receivers) and FPGA internal failures. The system consists of hundreds of verilog designs combined with C analysis code.

Designed a PCI to slow PCI bridge. The VirtualPCI is an FPGA based bridge that connects a full speed PC to an IKOS ASIC emulator running at a reduced speed (typically 1 MHz or less). The Virtual PCI handles both target and initiator mode transactions.

3Com Corporation Boxborough, MA

Consultant Feb. 1995 to May 1997

1996: Designed an 8 Port Fast Ethernet Local Switch for the Lanplex 6000, increasing the number of 100 BaseX ports supported by the Lanplex 6000 from 22 to 88 and increasing the available system bandwidth by as much as 8x (typically 3 to 4X). The local switch is based on a Xilinx 4036EX FPGA, which contains an address cache, datapaths and all of the control logic to manage the local traffic between the 8 ports as well as traffic to the other boards in the Lanplex 6000.

1995: Designed a 100 BaseX Ethernet adapter card for 3Com's Lanplex 2000 and 6000 switching products.

Avid Technology Burlington, MA

Consultant Dec. 1990 to July 1991 ,Jan. 1992 to May 1992, Dec. 1993 to Dec 1994, Jan 2001-Dec 2001

Designed a real time video compression/expansion board for the Macintosh based on the CCUBE CL550B JPEG chip. The board performs compression and expansion of 640 x 480 video images at a rate of 60 fields/second. Design of the board began during the last week of December, 1990 and was demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters show in April 1991. Full production began in June 1991. In 1992 designed a second generation board that improved picture quality from 'VHS' quality to full broadcast quality. The second generation board was introduced at the 1992 NAB show. In 1994 designed a multiple DSP based research board.

In addition to designing the hardware, Mr. Rosen wrote two Macintosh applications to support the product. The first application is a diagnostic suite which isolates faults to a single chip and displays the results graphically. The second application is a JPEG table editor which allows the user to edit four separate sets of JPEG tables and to compare the resulting pictures on the video screen side by side.

In 2001 developed the LANShare Media Server, an IDE based storages system optimized for streaming media applications.

Polybus Systems Corporation. Westford, MA

Vice President April 1989 to Present

Co-founded Polybus Systems Corporation for the purpose of designing a highly parallel 120 gigaflop supercomputer. Developed a business plan, a five year financial model, and a chip level partition of the system. Polybus was unable to secure funding for the system and switched to the Macintosh software market.

Developed 'Peace of Mind', an end user hardware diagnostic for the Macintosh family. Peace of Mind was launched at MacWorld Boston in August of 1992. MacWeek picked it as the top Rated Product in it's category. As well as being offered as an end user product, Peace of Mind was also being used by manufacturers as a manufacturing diagnostic platform. Products that use Peace of Mind include SuperMac's video boards and the Apple Duo MiniDoc. Peace of Mind was sold to Diagsoft Corp, Scotts Valley, CA, at the end of 1993.

Optronics Division of Intergraph Corporation Chelmsford,MA

Consultant July 1990 to Jan 1991

Designed a controller/data compression board for a high resolution, 2000 DPI, drum scanner. The design is based on Xilinx field programmable gate arrays and PALs. As part of the design effort, wrote a LISP based CAE system which generated netlist (XNF) and palasm file for the Xilinx tool set (XACT), ABEL files for the PALs, and a C model of the system. The CAE system accepts input in it's native format, in ABEL and in Palasm.

Kendall Square Research Waltham, MA

Consultant April 1988 to April 1989

Designed a floating point chip for KSR's parallel supercomputer and wrote an assembly language elementary function library for the Fortran and C compilers. The execution unit is a custom CMOS chip which executes two double precision floating point operations per cycle.

Alliant Computer Systems Littleton, MA

Hardware Architect November 1982 to March 1988

Employee number four, the first non-founder hired at Alliant. Responsible for hiring much of the original design team. Defined the basic organization of the first generation CE (computational element) used in the Alliant FX/8 parallel/vector mini-supercomputer. Designed several of the CE gate arrays, specifically the integer unit, the integer multiplier and the floating point divider/square rooter.

Hardware architect of the FX, a VLSI version of the Alliant FX architecture. Initiated the program, partitioned the CPU chipset, defined the performance objectives and served as one of the technical leaders of the project.

Computervision Corporation Bedford, MA

Manager of Processor Development 1979 to 1982

As Manager of Processor Development was responsible for a group of engineers and technicians. The processor group designed and developed 32 bit super-minicomputers for use in analytical and engineering applications.

Prior to serving as manager of processor development, was the architect and principal designer of the Computervision APU, a 32 bit processor targeted at the CAD/CAM market. Defined the basic system organization, wrote the architecture specification and designed the integer/address and floating point boards.

Data General Corporation Westboro, MA

Design Engineer 1976 to 1979

Designed the arithmetic unit for the Eclipse MV 8000, Data General's first 32 bit computer. Featured in the book 'Soul of a New Machine'.

Prior to joining the Eclipse group, was a member of the Special Systems Division. While in Special Systems designed a single board array processor, a 16 terminal video controller, a word processor, and the receiver section of a large synchronous communication network.


Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois

MSEE Fall, 1976

Lawrence University Appleton, Wisconsin

BA - Physics, Magna Cum Laude June of 1975.


US Pat 5,452,378 Sept. 19, 1995

Image digitizer including pixel engine.

US Pat. 5,309,528 May 03, 1994

Image digitizer including pixel engine.

US Pat 4,554,627 Nov. 19, 1985

Data processing system having a unique micro-sequencing system

US Pat. 4,429,370 January 31, 1984

Arithmetic Unit for use in a Data Processing system for computing exponent results and detecting overflow and underflow conditions thereof.

US Pat. 4,405,992 September 20, 1983

Arithmetic Unit for use in a data processing system.

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